Siddharth Raghavan

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Siddharth Raghavan is a Doctoral scholar with the NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme

Research Topics: Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics of Consciousness

Research Description: My ongoing doctoral research work is located at the intersection of philosophy of mind and metaphysics, and deals primarily with the question: What is the place of conscious experience (and the conscious mind) in concrete reality? While most traditional views have sought to either identify conscious experience with physical phenomena like brain processes (i.e. physicalism), or posit a second kind of phenomena to which they belong (dualism), my research focuses on a family of views referred to as Russellian Monism, that seeks a middle-path between the two. Within this, my work focuses specifically on panpsychism, the view that experiential properties are the intrinsic to all concrete phenomena, and challenges facing the same.


What does it mean for qualia to be intrinsic? (co-authored with Dr. Sangeetha Menon, forthcoming in an edited volume) 

Panpsychism and experiential combination (presented at an international conference organised by Sri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu, India, and under review for publication in an edited volume)

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